Fundamentals of Innovation

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BUS 2003 Fundamentals of Innovation ,SE Entrepreneurship Project IM
Part B: Oral Presentation -Worth 100 marks.
Art oral presentation will be scheduled for week 15, allowing the student to MrMer explain and defend their Personal Business Plan report. • eacher teaching the course can assess hWher awn students. • Each student will be assessed by two faculty (for pm-poses of standardizMion of Me assessmeM results across the colleges).1fie snows can be from the same college, and who are teaching the same group of students. • Markerscan share grades with each other.• Video/voice recording of the amssinm0 is a good practice that all colleges should cocomer. It helps moderation, or addressing any potential inure law. • PowerPoimMresi can be a used as visual aid during the presentation. • Submission ofthe Personal Business Plan prior to the scheduled presentation is encomaged.
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