from previous weeks, this connection refers to alignment

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements In this last week, you bring your skills in critically evaluating research to a final discussion of what it means for the components of a research study to be logically connected. As you recall from previous weeks, this connection refers to alignment.You also consider the social change implications of research. Engendering positive social change is at the core of Walden University’s mission. As future researchers and scholar-practitioners in your fields, you have likely had, and will continue to have, opportunities to apply your Walden learning experiences to making a difference in the lives of others.This week, you will revisit the interrelationship among research components to determine the criteria for evaluating alignment. You will also consider the relationship between research and social change as you reflect on your newly acquired research knowledge and skills.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:• Determine criteria to evaluate alignment of research components• Describe role of acquired research knowledge and skills in advancing positive social change Assignment status: Solved by our Experts.

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