framing an international business model

Referencing Styles : APA Students will submit the results of their independent research into economic principles and events to a ranking site in order to determine which principles and events are most influential to consider in framing an international business model. Working in groups and using results from the ranking site, students will then describe the general framework for a business model and select a country into which they will propose business entry. The framework should be described in a paper of not more than 2000 words, presenting a company’s proposed operations and strategic approach. The following elements are to be addressed in the paper: Critically evaluate the key modern economic theories and key events in recent global economic history as they relate to international business. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed business model and consider strategies for improvements; Examine how the business model would be impacted upon by global competition; Describe characteristics of the country to be entered, describing risks and mitigations required within the business model. RESOURCES TO BE PROVIDED: An electronic library and reading guide is provided to all students including a range of etextbooks and journals available through online journal databases including EBSCO. Electronic links to key resources  

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