Formulation of the Problems

Referencing Styles : Harvard Produce a type written Report which should contain the following: Task 1: Formulation of the Problems: Use a general system scenario as a generic description of a type of real system. Set the problems that require the construction of ANALYTICAL (Mathematical) and SIMULATION models. FOR THE SIMULATION – SYSTEM DYNAMICS MODELLING USING STOCK& FLOW DIAGRAM SHOULD BE USED (STELLA SOFTWARE should be used) Problems must require MANAGERIAL DECISIONS. Produce a description of your specific scenarios in relation to each problem and aim. Write a paragraph explaining the problems you have been set. Write about the kind of questions that you are going to answer – be explicit. Write a succinct statement for each problem. You need to provide: Clear explanation of a rationale of the application of the SYSTEM DYNAMICS method to the selected problem Description and representation of basic concepts in relation to the selected problem Clear explanation of Key Aspects of System Dynamics modelling Representation of the System Dynamics Diagrams Critical discussions of the application of the System Dynamics method to the selected 
 Task 2: Use the model-building process discussed in lectures to analyze your scenario and problems to be solved. FOR THE MATHEMATICAL (ANALYTICAL): QUEUING PROBLEMS- QUEUING MODEL (unit7) or INVENTORY PROBLEMS- INVENTORY MODEL (unit 8) or LINEAR PROGRAMMING PROBLEMS- LINEAR PROGRAMMING MODEL (unit 6) should be used! Using the process you need to Identify the decision variables Formulate the objective function/aim(s) Formulate the constraint set Formulate the assumption set 
before formulating the models. 
Task 3: Construct the simple analytical model
 Task 4: Analyze and solve the simple analytical model Task 5: Critically evaluate the simple analytical model Task 6: Construct the revised analytical model and solution Task 7: Critically evaluate the revised analytical model
 Task 8: Construct the simulation model
 Task 9: Critically evaluate the simulation model
 Task 10: Produce a conclusion which briefly summarizes the overall discussions. Use references for cited works. Add APPENDIXES, if you wish to use diagrams, any further details to support your discussions/explanations. There are a total of 100 possible marks in this assignment. Your work shall be graded for originality as well as for accuracy. You are expected to hand in: Report should be typed in English in Times New Roman font, 11 point. Excluding the appendixes, title page and list of references, the report should be between 4 and 6 sides of single spaced A4 text. Note: for any handins over 6 pages, only the first 6 pages will be assessed. All the necessary documents are uploaded and assignment guidelines and instructions should be followed accordingly

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