formatting and organization

Unit 12 Written Homework

This write-up has three parts which are outlined below. Please pay close attention to formatting and organization and attempt to make your answer as easy as possible to read, which includes starting each part on a new page. Consult the syllabus for special requirements regarding formatting requirements. Your answer should be of sufficient length to fully address the question.

Part 1: True North

From the Chapter 11 Exercise on pages 236-237 in Appendix C of True North, complete only the first three bullet points on both Questions 1 and 2 (“Preferred Leadership Style” and “Backup Style”).

Part 2: Be Yourself, But Carefully

Using a personal (yet anonymous) detailed example, describe a time when you exhibited characteristics of one of the five types of leaders mentioned in Rosh and Offerman (2013). What impacts did your behavior have on yourself, your organization, and/or team? Considering the five step path to authentic self-disclosure in the article, what advice would you give yourself now to become more effective and authentic? Important: If you can’t think of a time where you exhibited these behaviors, then use an example of someone else, describe impacts of their behavior, and include advice for them instead.

Part 3: Authentic Leadership

Take the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Using your scores on the four components from the questionnaire and what they mean to you as well and any other sources, reflection, and insight you wish to share, answer this final question of the course… How authentic of a leader are you? Note: You’ll likely have to do some additional research on this question about the four components, so make sure to cite your source(s) in your answer (and don’t cite Wikipedia).