Format and Referencing

Format and Referencing (1 marks)
High Distinction (HD) Distinction (D) Credit (C) Pass (P) Fail (F) The report is very well The report is well The report reflect Report reflects minimal No consistent style or structured. Information structured. Information consistent structure. structural flaws. structure. No executive is very well organised is logically organised and Information is organised Information has been summary, introduction and easily accessible to sequenced to convey and sequenced to organised to convey and/or conclusion. the reader. Appropriate the intended meaning to convey the intended meaning to the reader. Limited or evidence of and consistent the reader allowing ease meaning to the reader. Some in-text referencing appropriate referencing referencing provided of reading. Appropriate Appropriate and errors evident (no page in-text and/or no with no errors (APA and consistent consistent referencing number/s for direct reference list. style). referencing provided provided with minimal quotes or simi)ar). A with no errors (APA errors. Both in-text reference list provided, style). referencing and some references reference list follow APA omitted. APA referencing style. style followed.
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