Formal Elements of art


Assignment Brief


The Formal Elements of art are a fundamental part for visual analysis and describing images. They are the building blocks that make a piece of artwork and can include line, tone, pattern, texture, shape, value, colour and composition. They are often used together, and how they are organised in a piece of art determines what the finished piece will look like.  As a visual arts student, it is important to understand each element and use this within your daily vocabulary.



Gray Tree – Mondrian – 1911


This brief is designed to look at these elements, through a series of tasks, alongside exploring a range of media.  You are required to develop your skills in the formal areas and mixed media and to review and evaluate the visual impact of each element.  You are required to show elements of experimentation and exploration; these can be evidenced as small test tiles/pieces and/or maquettes.


During the process, you will be introduced to a variety of artists that explore the formal elements. You should document these within your sketchbook and expand with your own found artists, relevant to the brief, to include more depth and breadth, analysis and independent thought.


A workbook with notes, primary and secondary research, annotation and evaluation is also required.











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