for this "project" is up to integrate technology into the

assignment is a full HCD Report from Mandate to Final Brief. All of your human data can be fabricated You do not have monetary restrictions All work proofs must be hand-drawn with the exception of prototypes. The mandate for this “project” is up to integrate technology into the traditional shopping cart specially at “whole foods” Market. You may conduct a HCD investigation into any context you desire. However, this mandate must be explicitly stated in your report. You must evidence that you are following HCD methods by intuiting from broad mandate ******deal ******tion. Sections of this report must include: Project Overview Mandate, Descriptio******deal ****** Composition Projected Timeline and Milestones List Problem Identification Phase Competitive Landscape Statement User Research (Field sites/population, data collection, findings & interpretations) Personas (3 Personas, must have at least 1 Primary and 1 Secondary) Problem Statement Solution Generation Phase Job Stories 8-Ups Storyboards User-Focused Solution Statement Solution Design and Specifications Full proposal statement Prototype Conclusion Future directions and goals My contact cell no. ********9080 Thanks and Regards, Sufia Shaheen

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