For this assessment you are required to.

For this assessment you are required to research the recent (2011) Qantas Airlines dispute which resulted in the much publicised grounding of the Qantas fleet in October 2011. You should then compare and contrast the Qantas dispute with the 1998 Waterside Dispute (Patricks) covered in the unit. Your analysis should: i) Provide an overview and chronology of the two disputes; identifying the main stakeholders (ie who did what in each case) ii) Outline actions taken by the key stakeholders in each case iii) Explain what the underlying cause/s of the conflict was in each case iv) Why did Patricks choose to lockout its workforce and Qantas to ground its planes? What did they hope to achieve? Were they successful in either case? v) What alternatives were available to each company; what were the pros and cons of these alternatives? From your analysis of the two cases, discuss the main similarities and differences in the circumstances surrounding them – consider legal, economic, political, technological, social etc aspects. Given these disputes occurred more than a decade apart, do you think the nature and resolution of industrial conflict has changed significantly in this time? In what ways? You will need to read the Waterside Dispute account by Wiseman (provided) and may also wish to identify and read other accounts of this dispute to gain a range of perspectives. You will also need to research information about the Qantas dispute 2011. Whilst some of the accounts of the disputes (particularly the Qantas dispute) may be identified through non-academic sources (news accounts, company websites etc) you should also refer to academic sources in developing your discussion (sections (iii), (iv) and (v)). At least eight (8) relevant academic references are required to support your discussion.

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