floating fish and the water. It good to see Declan you

Learning story of water play Name; Declan age; 9 months old Setting; outdoor area observer; Evon wijesinghe Date; 11/01/2018 Following up my focus child Declan interest, I set up water play experience and I put two small tubs with floating fish and the water. It good to see Declan you were enjoying with the water touching, feeling splashing water with your both hand. During water play times you were testing and exploring the fish and floating objects. When I asked from you’” where is the fish “. You picked up the shark with smiley face and gave it to me. Declan you liked to pouring water using the cups and throw the water to yourself. Declan you show me your interest and capabilities engaging with water play experience. You can engage in complex sensory motor skills and you are developing your both fine and gross motor skills. You were exploring different texture, colours, shapes and objects through water play. Declan you recognise fish and you familiar with the water play. Link with learning outcomes; ( analysing learning outcomes ) Learning outcomes 1; children have strong senses of identity. Declan I noticed you were engage with the water play activity with safe and confidently you were play with the fish and other materials. You display lots of enthusiasm in first attempt with the activity. You did experiment with heavy shark and form fish also you were throwing the both fish in to the water and picked up floating fish then put in to your mouth. Learning outcomes 2; children are connected with and contributed the world. Provide range of natural resources according to the Declan’s interest and knowledge , you investigate and explore new objects and you are learning through by touching, seeing and listening to the educator’s conversation. Learning outcomes 4; children are confident and involve learners You express your interest to the environment by engaging with the water play experience. Also you learn and recognise the fish . while we are playing with water and the fish , we had a great conversation about the fish. You didn’t recognise shark but as a common objects when I asked where is the fish, you recognised and you showed me the fish. You also recognised your achievement when your are successfully attempt to the task. Declan can pick up the fish using his hand with full grasp also he was able to communicate with the experience his own way such as bubbling , Declan was able to use his both hand when splashing water and throwing objects away from the water tub. Follow up and evaluation; Today I have provided opportunity to Declan to follow up and extend his interest and develop his skills further with sensory play experience such as water play. I felt Declan had lots of fun with the water . it was nice to see Declan manipulate fish and other materials and he looked at turn up side down seem to be trying recognise objects. After few times he played with fish I will extend further enhance Declan’s interest and strength such as Add small fish with non-toxic playdough Add boats and floating objects with water play Add some fish and animals with sand play Read and view picture books includes fish and other natural common objects in the story times.

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