Assignment number and title: Report of practical/field/ clinical work Assignment type Coursework: Report Size or length of assessment 2000 words Unit learning outcomes KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING – Identify and apply the key philosophies that underpin research in the field of accounting and finance and assess their use in practice. – – Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the main research methods used in accounting and finance research. TASK This assignment aims to assess students’ ability to conduct a literature review critically that
further lead to formulating research questions and research hypothesis and use Ms-Excel to interpret and analyse quantitative data obtained by students. 1. Identify a suitable topic related to business, conduct a brief literature review on the chosen topic and formulate a central research question signposting clear research aims and
objectives. 2. Complete a critical evaluation of research approach, philosophy, paradigm and justify suitable research methodology for your quantitative research method. 3. Collect quantitative data from secondary source such as Yahoo Finance related to your research topic. 4. With the aid of Excel compute Descriptive statistics such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, skewness, kurtosis, maximum, minimum, range) and present your
results with appropriate graph, table, bar carts, histogram, pie chart. Interpret your findings. 5. Complete correlation and OLS regression analysis. 6. Summarise, analyse, and discuss your results in a written report that includes how your research results affirm alternative hypothesis and reject null hypothesis. General Guidance The paper must include: Your assignment should be written in the style of a report to be presented to a Board of Directors.
• It should therefore include title and contents pages (not included within the word limit). • You should use Times News Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5 • The paper should be written in an academic style • In-text references should be provided and a full list of references using the Harvard format. • Penalties will apply for late submission and being more than 10% either side of the word limit. • No cutting and pasting from websites of any kind is permitted, • No copying or plagiarism is permitted 1. Research Backgground / rationale 2. Research questions and objectives
3. Literature review 4. &5. Research Methodology – Research approach, research philosophy, research design and paradigm; – Data collection: how do you collect – Data analysis – Descriptive Statistics – Correlation – Regressions (interpret results) 6. Discussion 7. Conclusion