6:10 Assignment Details FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING I 1199_ACC1111_OLA1 Please note that this discussion board will require a minimum of three posts. These consist of your initial post, your response to comments that I post to your thread, and at least one response to a classmate. Please enter your initial post by 11:59 pm on Wednesday. Please complete the discussion board requirements by 11:59 pm on Friday. Chapter 9: Receivables 1. Please describe the difference between an accounts receivable and a notes receivable. 2. There are times when businesses cannot collect the money that is owed to them by their customers. When this happens, businesses incur an expense. There are two methods for recording uncollectible receivables. They are the allowance method and the direct write off method. Please explain the difference between these two methods. Responses to Classmates: Please explain to your classmates why the allowance method is the preferred method of recording uncollectible accounts. View Discussion Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications