Fill the sections below as part of planning What question(s)

PDSA Series Name: PDSA Cycle Number in Series: Start Date: End Date: Objective for PDSA Series: This PDSA Cycle Will: •Collect Information•Develop a Change•Test a Change •Implement a Change Plan: Fill the sections below as part of planning What question(s) do you want to answer on this PDSA cycle? Briefly describe what you want to achieve in this cycle of the series? What are we going to do? How long will the test last? Where will it be carried out? Who will carry it out? Task to be completed to undertake test Who When Where and How Prediction: What do you think will happen? Make a prediction for each question. How will you collect the information and/or data needed for this cycle? Do:Execute the plan Record your observations and summarize the information and/or data collected.Include any problems or unexpected events encountered, and any feedback from the participants. Study:Complete analysis of information and/or data Compare the information and/or data collected to your predictions and summarize the learning What does the information and/or data show? Was your predication confirmed? If not what did you learn? Act: Decide the next steps Following this test, you will: •Abandon idea •Modify and retest •Increase scale of testing• Move to next cycle •Implement What is your plan for the next cycle?

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