FIFA Scandal WorldCom 7-Eleven:

Referencing Styles : Harvard Part 1- Group Written Report (20%) You and your team are to select one of the following ethical dilemmas and address the questions below The FIFA Scandal WorldCom 7-Eleven: The Price of Convenience Volkswagen Emission scandal Or another ethical dilemma (approved by the lecturer) The team should undertake extensive research from academic journals, books, industry sources and the media and write a report which addresses the following issues and questions: What was the nature of the dilemma? Provide background information to the factors that lead to the dilemma if necessary and explain how the dilemma unfolded; Does this dilemma breach regulations/law? Who are the key affected stakeholders? Were the actions of the main actors unethical? Analyse the case using three ethical theories examined this semester. From your analysis, discuss whether the organisations in question behaved unethically in this case. How was the dilemma resolved? Do you think the dilemma was resolved effectively? Consider the implications of this dilemma on ethical standards in Australia. Due date and assignment submission- 21st May at 11.59pm Word limit: 3000 words (+/- 10%) plus references. Structure of the report: · Title page · Table of contents · List of illustrations, List of tables (if applicable) · Executive summary (include assumptions) · Introduction · Main body – Include appropriate headings/sub-headings for different sections · Conclusions · References · Appendices (if applicable) Note that the title page, table of contents, list of illustrations/tables, references, and appendices are not included in the 3000 word count. References: Students should use at least 10 references including academic journals, books, industry sources and newspaper articles (media sources) Part 2- Group Lead Presentation (10%)- during week 11 and week 12 classes Each group is to lead a discussion in class. Group should cover the main two points below: What was the issue? Were the actions of the organisation in this case unethical? Each group is to present for 10 minutes. All group members must participate in the presentation. The presentation could be in any format (discussion, debate, PowerPoint etc) and be engaging with the audience

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