Feminism is an established political ideology

Feminism is an established political ideology or theory in IR that is very broad, but is mainly concerned in, but not limited to, womens rights and gender inequality. Some of the theorys goals are shedding light on womens absence from decision-making and institutional structures, further exposing of gender as a social construct and how power distribution depends on it, illustrating womens marginalization in global politics, and many more. However, in my paper I will be focusing on genders power distribution by explaining sexual violence, abuse, and exploitation by one sex to the other.
After researching for a current event that I could use to show the application of feminism, I found the case of sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers in African countries like DRC, Haiti, and Liberia. The sexual abuse occurs to children and women who are unable to protect themselves or are doing it for financial rewards. Its not a recent phenomenon at the UN, as initial sex abuse reports by UN were reported since 2012, however, its still an ongoing and occurring issue that is still being investigated and alternative solutions for it are being produced by scholars, UN officials, and other concerned countries. Thus, I thought I could look at it, from a feminist lens, while it is still evolving, and try to break it down to its basic elements in order to better explain it.
To help me research this event and have a better understanding of feminism as a theory, I have looked for multiple scholar sources and have found some that I think will be tremendously beneficial for me. For my own understanding of feminism and better explaining, I will be referring to the classic Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics by Enloe. Furthermore, I have gathered multiple scholarly articles about the UN peacekeepers sexual abuse issue, articles from years ago to ones written this year. For example, Sexual Exploitation by UN Peacekeeping Forces a Feminist Analysis of the Gender and Class by M. ElMorally, master thesis Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by UN Peacekeeping Personnel: The Impact of Troop Contributing Countries Societal Norms by Safiya Nanji, and Sexual Exploitation And Abuse by U.N Peacekeepers Why The Problem Continues to Persist by professors Chalmers and Outshoorn.
Moreover, regarding my papers format, I will begin by explaining the theory of feminism in detail by explaining its general assumptions regarding global politics, how a feminist observe and interpret interactions between world actors, and what other types of feminism there are. Then, I will narrow my scope of focus to the theorys most important aspects that I will be talking about. After that,