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Adulthood – Marriage/divorce, death of loved ones, buying a house Older adulthood – retirement, death of partner or close friend, illnesses and coming to term with own death. Explain -provide detailed information about the subject with reasons showing how or why. Responses could include examples to support these reasons. 3.25u need to add more detail to this question as this is an analyse question. Analyse- break down into separate parts and examine each part. You need to show that the main ideasare related and why they are important. You need to analyse the impacts the significant life events have on an individual. Positive Gaining independence Happiness and personal satisfaction Having the ability to adapt Reduction in emotional pain and ability to accept unwanted outcomes. Negative Regression to earlier stages Unable to deal with change and poor adaptability Feelings of depression and hopelessness Inability to progress. You must discuss the impacts in depth in relation to several life changes (covered in question 3.1- you need at least two life events per each life stage).