external and internal environmental factors


Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO2: Evaluate external and internal environmental factors which impact on the strategy

LO3: Critically review an organisation’s strategic plan.  


Assessment Brief: 

Provide a critical examination of the models and tools organisations can use to analyse their internal and external environment. Review a strategic plan for a real organisation of your choice.


You should address the following issues:




  1. An introduction including a definition of strategic management–  max 250 words, to include an introduction of the Royal Lancaster hotel, mention frameworks and models used in the report below, include 2 definitions of the Strategic Management ( well referenced)


  1. A critical assessment of the process used by organisations to determine their strategy. – How the strategy is determined, where the hotel is now, where wants to be and how will get there. Start from Vision and Mission ( hotel website), goals of the organisation, what are values of the hotel – what makes it different from others/ competitors. to mention the models and frameworks


  1. A critical evaluation of the impact of internal and external environmental variation on organisational strategy – Analysing the internal and external environment- how the changes of the internal and external environment impact the hotel.

For external analyses use Porter’s 5 forces and Pestle.

Internal analyses – SWAT analyses ( strictly relevant to the hotel) and VRIO model.

What is the hotel’s competitive advantage and why

Use the capabilities of the hotel: resources such as staff, finances, assets such as XR STUDIO, Big events spaces, ROOMS, and SPA. technical resources ( systems in use such as Micros, Opera, Knowcross, AEROGUEST – research online) location- HYDE PARK AND BY THE OXFORD STREET AND KENSINGTON AREA, information (big data), and strategic alliances – the hotel is part of the Preferred Hotel Group (research advantages online) as well as uses OTA such as Booking.com, Expedia, Tripadvisor,

Value chain analyses – primary activities – operational departments and support activities – finance, accounting, HR – internal recruitment and outsourced recruitment strategies.



  1. A review of an organisation’s strategic plan (Business Plan), providing an action plan for the organisation on the basis of a change in either the internal ORexternal environment. (The Business Plan should be included as an Appendix)



Please choose the external environment and review the plan based on the PESTLE.


Attached is a sample of the report to help to understand how to do it.


Please let me know if you have any other questions and send me a price and link