extensive literature review

Deadlines to remember:
1. Paper topic: due by Wednesday 10/12 (please let me know which topic you want
to work on and which route you want to follow – your overall plan)
2. Paper Proposal/ Draft: due by Wednesday 11/2 (review expectations below)
3. Final paper: due by Monday 12/5 (review expectations below)
There are two routes: 1) extensive literature review/summary; 2) empirical paper
with data analysis
Paper Draft/Proposal (expectations)
At least 6 pages (ideally longer)
Times New Roman, font 12 and double spaced and a Turnitin submission.
Sections should be as follows:
Introduction: explain/describe the research question that you’ve chosen
Conceptual/Economic Framework (Theoretical Discussion): not all
papers will have this, but if your topic is rooted in a core economic theory,
this may be needed. Please talk to me about this.
Review of Existing Literature (initial): this section needs to include what
the field has already done or what have researchers already found – what do
the results look like – include citations
If doing a literature review paper: your initial literature review
should have
at least 5 papers discussed in detail and written
following the style used in economics journal
For each journal article that you discuss, you need to provide
an extensive review and not simply provide a sentence or two.
Ideally you should articulate the goal or the objective (research
question) of the paper; the data, methodology, country context,
sample, etc.; and then summarize the main results and any other
additional results (such as heterogeneity or sub-sample
If doing an empirical paper, your initial literature review can be
shorter but you need to have some additional sections:
Data (what data will you use) and Methodology:
method(s) will you use? (You may conduct a correlational
analysis in this term paper; methods to arrive at causal estimates
like Diff-in-diff, regression discontinuity, instrumental variables,
etc., are not required.)

Provide the (basic) econometric model if possible (i.e., the
regression equation(s)) that you will test (if an empirical paper)
Discussion/Conclusion (needed in both types of papers): here you can
provide a summary of what more you will do after the proposal is submitted
– what I can look forward to in the final paper. You can also include your
own thoughts/takeaways/anything else you may deem important
References (follow any citation format but keep it consistent)
Final Paper (expectations)
At least 10 pages (ideally longer)
Times New Roman, font 12 and double spaced, and a Turnitin submission.
Please focus on editing your first draft based on comments given to you by
me. The sections would be as:
Conceptual/Economic Framework (if applicable)
Review of Existing Literature
Students following the literature summary route need to include
at least 10 papers that are discussed in detail
Students following the empirical paper route can discuss ~6
papers, but need additional sections as follows:
Data and Methodology (empirical paper)
Results (empirical paper)
References (follow any citation format but keep it consistent)