Explain the role of the customer within the convergent environment to others.

Referencing Styles : Open Assessment 1 Written or Oral Questions: a.Create an organisational chart for a real or imaginary company that uses siloed sectors and identify potential points of integration for marketing communications, both in terms of inter-departmental collaboration and technological convergence. b.What impact would this integration have? 2.Explain the role of the customer within the convergent environment to others. 3.Outline a system for unified messaging that could be used within your organisation by your team and to communicate with clients. Assess your organisation’s team resources, skills, capacities and personnel for the viability of implementing such a system. You may upon data related to any current system of unified messaging that is in place, where one exists. 4.Choose any item of legislation that relates to marketing communications in your sector / State or Territory. Summarise its contents in terms of how it translates to legislative requirements for marketing communications 5.Identify the existing marketing communication tools and techniques within an organisation. The subject may be a suitable client, a case study or your own organisation. Create a summary which shows evidence of your research. Assessment 2 Written or Oral Questions: 1.Choose a real company/organisation or create fictional one. Write a proposal for the creation of tools and techniques that are suitable within a divergent media environment in relation to this chosen company/organisation. 2.Create a proposal for a customer-centric app for an imaginary organisation. Explain how the features of this app are customer-centric. Where possible, collaborate with an expert to verify the viability of the features. 3.An organisation wants to develop marketing communications in order to promote the launch of a new product with the aim of making as many sales as possible, as well as having the opportunity to gather customer feedback on the new item. Describe your recommendation for a tool/technique that is fit for this purpose. 4.Choose an organisation. This may be any well-known organisation or an organisation which is currently a client. Make a proposal for a cross-sector marketing communications solutions for this organisation. 5.Describe a channel that is highly effective in empowering customers and responding rapidly to customer perspectives. .

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