Explain the form of political economy in this country

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After performing your research, post your summation to the journal thread. You must use academically credible resources (i.e., no Wikipedia or blogs), and cite them following APA formatting. Include all cited sources in a reference list at the end of the post. Consult the “Academic Writer” link located in the “Academic Tools” area under “Course Resources” for assistance with APA formatting.

Your response should:

Address one specific country of your choice.
Explain the form of political economy in this country (i.e., political system, economic system, and legal system).
Describe two examples of a political, economic, and/or technological event from recent years that might have impacted the business environment in this country.
Summarize if you feel this country might be a possible location for global expansion for an American company.
Be a minimum of 300 words.
Include at least two academically credible external sources.