Executive accountability

MAX 500 words (12 pt fonts, single spacing) not including reference list &
Please review the following video resources as your starting point and find out
what you can about the Collapse of Enron, then proceed to address the CLA #2
Understanding the Sarbanes and Oxley Act
Questions to be addressed
In no more than two pages, address the following two questions and their parts. In
addressing these two questions, you are required to have at least two other scholarly
literature to inform and support your evaluation/reflection/critical
1. Executive accountability is an essential internal control.
(5 marks)
(a) Identify and discuss at least two (2) key issues in executive accountability in the
Enron case;
(b) Identify and discuss 2 key lessons you can take-away from the Enron case for
improving IT risk and security management in an organisation.
2. In reference to the two short videos:
(5 marks)
(a) How was Arthur Anderson’s independence as an external Audit being/been
compromised at Enron?
(b) How does Sarbanes & Oxley (SOX) (2002) seek to address this? Include
at least
one way that SOX changes the work of IT/ our approach to IT in your answer.
Make sure to reference your sources correctly (both the in-text references and the
details in the reference list). References are not included in the word count/page limit.