evolving local and global context

07:10:11 IB * ♦ Al 41, 80%
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The learning outcomes are: L01: Elucidate the language of maths, science, technology and movement in general and the context of early childhood. L03: Contextualise maths, science, and technology in relationship to the changing nature of education in an evolving local and global context.
Drawing from our learning through the unit so far, use the theory of ‘place’ (sessions 1, 2 & 3 + Readings) to discuss ONE of the languages of maths or science. How does using ‘place’ help us as educators to define one of these languages? Your video presentation can take any digital form but you need to ensure it is submitted as a video link along with a transcript and reference list. Visit the Learning Hub if you would like to learn more about using multimedia or design (unlocking creativity). Submissions without a transcript will not be marked.
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