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Module: Events and Destination Marketing (TAL046-2)


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            The Mega Sports event plays a major role on the development with different destinations on major contribution for improved economic standards, along with focusing on the hosting destinations as well. There are additional enhanced factors with promotional exchange of culture too. There are reports to study about effectiveness with identified fields for event based destination marketing with the satisfying on purpose of assignment. The event based standards are defined through modelling destination marketing with focusing on delineating on the characteristics of market under the collaboration with bringing the change to committee of event and organizations working over destination marketing. The report is about highlighting the effectiveness on the event based estimation marketing strategies with 7Ps with the product, pricing, promotion, place, people etc.

The approach is about focusing on different standards where the major focus is on describing the different natures that relate to the effective campaign of marketing along with the illustration of how one looks for the same. There are analytical parts along with descriptive stages for supportive examples. The justified approaches on working over the different eventual activities. It involves the activities with the destination standards along with the mega events sport for the ODI Cricket that is set under 2019 England (Wang et al., 2019).

There are demonstration of first effectiveness of marketing campaign. The report is about the focusing on campaigning of markets under mega sports which are related to the ODI Cricket 2019 with the proper analytical parts too. This is for big sport event where people bring the globe to destination. The assess is for meeting the different requirements with first part providing the better and future recommendations.

The campaign is about the focus on the different event based activities with focusing on the marketing standards along with the different methods that are for the hosting of users along with the handling of campaigns for cricket ODI. The activity data is about discussing on the explanation for the different benefits that it brings (Zouni et al., 2021).

Effectiveness of ODI Cricket Marketing Campaign

            The effective marketing campaigning is about the promotion of products which is mainly through the different media types. It is about the business that has been operating under the high competitive markets and franchises that might initiate the frequent marketing campaigns and then devote towards the major resources to generate a proper awareness of brand and sales too. The marketing campaign promotes the products through different platforms like that of media, television, radio, print and the other online platforms. The campaign goals is for the defining of the factor about how marketing is needed and then reaching to the specific customer segment too. The marketing campaign is designed for the building of brand image and introducing the new product or new sales for product that is in market.

            The ODI cricket games or sport events is to consider on mega events where consideration is on different people about how elements are set with gathered occurrences of time along with place for different standards. There are non-routine activities which are defined occasionally. They tend to help in attracting the tourism of host country with identifying the mega event, with the detailing on the strategic effects and marketing standards. The macro and micro environment is for success and consider on 7 stakeholder environmental factors with link to umbrella marketing strategy (Guertaoui et al., 2022).



Source: (Radikonyana et al., 2015)

The major focus is on how ODI World cup works on the events of the mega extent that involves the gain of globalized publicized attraction with certain international visitors. The boosting of events is for handling the environmental standards where there are host country factors about cultural hallmark or creating a better approach with tourism opportunity. The determined approaches are for the primary standards with focusing on the events of globalized events too.

England and World

For the World Cup from ICCC, it is seen that there is a tournament that is generally organized through International Cricket Council. It is seen that in 2019, there were generated economic impact that is for 350 million. The findings included the impact of economy benefits with the proper analysis to define on the benefits. There are tournaments generated with working on better money and economic growth with spending over the better economy of host for the visitors. There are other suppliers of business too (Kourkouridis et al., 2022).

The approach is for handling more than 46.5 GBP bed nights and then working over the international buying of tickets that works under the creation of better opportunity for business. The host country works with the economic standards where there are visitors for suppliers of business.

The live coverage tend to reach audiences with the major viewers who are for the digital content of video. There are ICC celebration for the conferences to handle the events which are also outstanding and that contributed to 350 million for UK economy. The biggest sporting events. The providing of diversified platform to connecting globalized cultural audience with the increased fragmented level. The rise of tourism from the sporting event with indicated on 20% of total audience which is then coming overseas. 85% of ticket buyer are from the local town or cities for host country. There are increased fans who are travelling globally for the support of fans (Magno et al., 2020). There are figures which expect for the trend to be Asian with continental development of economy too. There are ambiguous global growth with clear demonstration on strategic ICC event which is not only for providing the opportunities to host country but also then showcase the better opportunities to offer. (Aliedan et al., 2021).

Figure: ICC Sports Event 2019

Source: Live Cricket Score and News International Cricket Council, 2020


Finally with this, there are demands and supply example, it can lead to justifying on promoting tourism along with thing nation with sport events that is one of greatest way to gather tourists from different regions. The promotion is for the foreign marketplaces with results that are motivated for plane next big sport event that is in England in 2023. There are ODI with job opportunity that is created under local and community development with trainee working under the tourism activity. The managing of mega events are for first job with greatest opportunity is for gathering domestic international tourist with execution of study (Hemmonsbey et al., 2019).

An effective marketing event is about the advancement along with different stakeholders which works through handling selling of products and promotions or services too. The target audience is for focus groups with case study involves young people who particulate event to stimulate on activities.

Effects of Events on Destination Market

            The approach is for better opportunity and then developing a destination based development model. It is about the DMOs and 7Ps for marketing where achieved effective marketing mix leads to expand on products portfolio. There are collaboration or cobranding for the events of tourism and leverage of marketing too. This is through the help from social media, along with Facebook, Twitter, and eMarketing platform.

The building of strategy for tickets is for local consumption in England comes with reduced pricing hiking or accommodating the capacity of transport. The concept is for the shared economy with effective places that needs to handle a higher involvement level. The distribution channel is to handle the exchange along with mutual values. There are mega events to ensure about the upselling opportunities with providers working on the extending channels for the price, promotion and better places (Andersson et al., 2021).

SWOT analysis

The marketing effectiveness is for sport events and highlights whether which includes extreme measures to analyse the events with helping ICC to work as per the weakness and ten performing on the next mega sport events for a particular destination.


a.       Attracting the young talent for performance.

b.      Duties is more responsibly and then performing towards the developed thinking

c.       Playing on the events for better destinations.

d.      Cricket is the major brand.


a.      Working on the lesser emphasis on the globalized advertisements with attracting more of the tourist.

b.      Lesser focus is on the larger groups are for the young people with cricket fans too.


a.      The setting business deal is about the country with globalized cooperation’s with the event benefits.

b.      There are different organizational stakeholders with the on-board that involves the increased share of market on events.


a.      Working on the young generation with more that tends to go for the different games and events of sports too.

b.      It has COVID 19 threats.

c.       Restrictions are mainly due to pandemic as well.



            The approach is based on destination marketing which is then effective for the collaborations where UK shows about lack on effectiveness. Here, the cross-leverage is for the better cultural opportunity with the surprise finding related the substantial gain to handle the robust marketing alliance. It is for the events marketing and DMOs both. The future performance of this type of task can also be improved through working on developed thinking and performing as per the playing of events at the different destinations which are attractive.


The major focus is on the contribution with the effective marketing events that has a major lead on promotion for the specific products and then there are destinations for the tourism perspectives. There are factors related to plan about the events and then there are aspects with organizational promotional activity without any major execution of the marketing strategy event (Mair et al., 2021). The approach is not able to gain on the participants with good marketing of event that will lead to the acknowledgement of promotional campaigning along with applying to the right times with placing for a better practice as well.





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