Ethical practice
Ethical practice
Building trust by role-modelling ethical behaviour, and applying principles and values consistently in decision-making.
Foundation level Associate level Chartered Member level Chartered Fellow level
Consider how professional
principles and values
inform your approach
Make responsible choices
about your work, applying
professional principles and
Make responsible decisions by
considering different ethical
perspectives, and finding the
best possible way forward for all
Make responsible decisions by
balancing different ethical
perspectives, and shape how
ethics inform wider decisionmaking and governance
Take responsibility for your
Consider the purpose and
implications of actions,
decisions and people practices
for all stakeholders
Coach and influence managers
and leaders to consider the
implications of their decisions on
Coach and influence senior
leaders to consider the ethical
impact of their decisions in the
short and long term
Act consistently with
relevant regulation and law
Raise concerns about people
practices and policies which
are not consistent with values
or legislation
Challenge decisions and actions
which are not ethical, explaining
the organisation risks
Take a visible lead in solving
ethical dilemmas, considering
how they will play out beyond
the organisation
Handle personal data and
information in a
professional manner
Provide explanations and
reasons for the choices you
make and the advice you
Encourage transparency in
decision-making and
communication where possible
Surface the unsaid in leadership
discussions to enable
transparency and improved
Demonstrate honesty in
dealings with others
Demonstrate professionalism
and consistency in what you
say and do in order to build
Visibly and consistently rolemodel professional principles,
values and personal integrity to
build trust
Role-model and promote ethical
leadership and professional
principles and values in
organisations and the wider
Valuing people
Creating a shared purpose and enabling people development, voice and well-being.
Foundation level Associate level Chartered Member level Chartered Fellow level
Understand the purpose of
your work
Build a sense of team spirit
and purpose
Communicate the meaning and
purpose of work to motivate and
inspire people
Inspire others through a
compelling people vision which
shares the broad meaning and
purpose of work
Empathise with others Treat people fairly and
considerately in your work
Demonstrate compassion,
humanity and fairness in your
Model compassion, humanity and
fairness as a leader
Support others to develop
and be their best
Enable others to develop
skills and capabilities to be
their best at work
Enable managers and leaders to
support others to be their best at
Promote and encourage careerlong learning to build organisation
capability and benefit society
Advise colleagues and line
Coach and advise others in
the business
Coach, advise and build people
management capability in the
Create a culture of accountability
for people management in the
Ask a range of people for
their opinion and listen
carefully to responses
Enable people to have a
voice when designing and
delivering solutions which
impact them
Enable people to have a
meaningful voice by involving
them in decisions that impact
them, and bring a people
perspective to organisation
Strive to create an organisation
culture that gives people a voice
and puts them at the centre
Consider the wellbeing of
Take into account the
wellbeing of others in the
design and delivery of your
Promote the business and people
benefits of wellbeing and the need
for shared responsibility
Engage leaders and stakeholders
in creating and sustaining a
culture of wellbeing
Working inclusively
Working and collaborating across boundaries, effectively and inclusively, to achieve positive outcomes.
Foundation level Associate level Chartered Member level Chartered Fellow level
Show sensitivity and respect
to others
Get to know people as
individuals so you can work
together more effectively
Role-model and advocate the
value of including others and
embracing difference
Foster an inclusive culture which
unites people, whatever their
Demonstrate openness to
diverse views and opinions
Actively seek and listen to
diverse views and opinions
Explore and interpret a diverse
range of perspectives and views
Value and integrate diverse
perspectives when creating
people strategy
Build positive working
relationships with immediate
Build purposeful working
relationships with and
collaborate with wider
Build collaborative relationships
across organisation boundaries,
cultures and other disciplines
Build strategic relationships and
partnerships across professions,
geographies and organisations
Facilitate connections and jointworking across teams,
disciplines and functions
Broker collaborations across
and outside organisations to
progress shared agendas
Share data and information
to inform work in your area
Readily share your knowledge
and expertise with others to
solve problems
Proactively share knowledge,
experience and expertise to cocreate solutions across
Create a culture of knowledge,
experience and expertise
Handle difficult situations
calmly and contribute to
finding a way forward
Support others to resolve
conflict and build trust before
issues escalate
Coach and enable others to
resolve conflict and build trust
within teams and functions
Coach and influence senior
leaders to build trust and