Establish Career Development Services Assessment  

BSBLED807 – Establish Career Development Services Assessment


Assessment 1: Short Answer Questions

Question 1

Explain current career development theories.


Question 2

Explain what career development standards are and their impact on career development services.


Question 3

Outline legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to career development.


Question 4

Explain why researching and understanding the target group is crucial in providing support on career development and career choices.


Assessment 2: Project

You are working as a Manager at ABC Company and you manage 10 junior customer service officers. You are interested in taking on more managerial roles and responsibilities. You know that the company has a program dedicated to assisting staff with self-improvement and development, as long as it is in line with the company’s main goals of improving customer service and providing an exceptional experience to all customers. You can see current employees’ skills and knowledge below:


  Roles and responsibilities Current skills and knowledge
Junior customer service officers


·        Ensuring customer satisfaction through reliable and timely customer service

·        Receive and handle both initial and escalated consumer enquiries

·        Manage client accounts and follow up with outstanding payments

·        Liaise with stakeholders

·        Excellent communication skills and committed to achieving customer service of the highest standard;

·        Ability to relate and personalise responses for each consumer experience

·        Proficient Microsoft Office skills

·        Attention to detail & demonstrate active listening

·        Experience in retail and welcome


Current 2 senior customer service positions are still vacant. Senior customer service officers’ key responsibility areas:

1.      Provide guidance to the customer service staff to ensure all customer needs are met.

2.      Work with the Customer Service Team to deliver optimum service to our internal and external customers within the agreed timeframes.

3.      Assist in the development of strong working relationships across all departments and raise awareness of the support the Customer Service Team can provide to service delivery.

4.      Assist with building the capacity and attitude of the customer service staff to provide exceptional customer service.

5.      Assist with the development and implementation of the Customer Relationship Model.

6.      Actively participate in developing and implementing customer service systems which will improve the service delivery and enhance the image of ABC.

7.      Monitor and report on customer service protocols and identify process improvements relevant to Customer Service across the organisation.

8.      Provide frontline customer service including processing customer requests, receipting and switchboard operation.

9.      Train staff in all aspects of their Customer Service Officer role and liaise with all departments to provide guidance on our customer service systems.

10.  Monitor and maintain directories and databases

11.  Manage the purchase, storage and allocation of stationery for the organisation to ensure adequate supplies are maintained at all times.

12.  Manage the roster system for all customer service staff.

13.  To resolve relevant problems and complaints from the public and advise management on system improvements in line with ABC.


·        Research and summaries your findings:

1.      Career development theories, models, frameworks and strategies for customer service officers

2.      Apply codes of professional conduct and career development standards, and how they can be applied in ABC Company

3.      What regulatory requirements, policies, guidelines, standards and resources should apply

·        Analyse, plan, implement and evaluate career development services; determine the needs of your junior customer service officers; plan for support systems and resources required to provide high-quality career development service delivery; establish and maintain relationships with professional peers and service providers.

·        Explain how to apply effective action-planning skills in career development counselling services and how to establish ongoing professional and follow-up support for clients of career development services.

·        Explain how to encourage junior staff to commit to, and access, career development services; you need to establish mechanisms to follow-up provision of career development services.

·        Explain the strategies to ensure records storage, security and privacy in accordance with professional and organisational requirements and how to establish referral procedures and contracts

·        Identify own professional development needs and complete required professional development activities

·        Review and improve career development services, in cons