essay has a logical structure

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introctuction and conclusion snouio each be approximately 1UY or tne length or tne paper.
You MUST consult and reference a minimum of eight (8) academic articles to support your analysis.
Length: Weighting: Due date: Submission: Format:
A maximum of 2,000 words (11- 10%) (Reference list is excluded from the word count)
40% of your total mark. Sunday ending Week 8 by 11:55pm Submit via the LMS. Hard copies are NOT required
The document should be written as a clear, concise essay. It is important that your essay has a logical structure, and makes use of relevant subheadings where appropriate. Ensure coherent writing and avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. For reading (and marking) ease please use a 12-point Calibri font with 2x spacing.
Marking Criteria: Please refer to the LMS for marking criteria.
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