essay does not require library research

This essay does not require library research. It requires that you think and writes carefully about the material and themes of the course. The take-home format gives you the opportunity to write a CLEAR, PERSUASIVE and THOUGHTFUL essay on the topic you choose. Use an outline to organize your argument. Use examples to prove your point. And revise the essay to make it clear and effective. –To be CLEAR, your essay should have a thesis (argument, claim, interpretation) that you want to convince your reader of; it should state the thesis simply; and it should focus upon proving or demonstrating this thesis. –To be PERSUASIVE, your essay should make effective use of evidence (from our readings) to support or demonstrate your thesis. –To be THOUGHTFUL, your essay should consider all the evidence (all we have read and all we have discussed in class) and should take account of possible objections or counter-examples. The essay must be your own work. You may discuss these topics with others if you wish, but answer the question IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If two essays are the same in whole OR in part, both will be disqualified, and this may lead to disciplinary action. Credit anything that is not your own work. List ALL sources (books, websites, etc) that you consulted. Footnote EVERY argument, explanation, or idea that you have adopted or adapted. When in doubt, give a citation. An essay that fails to cite its sources will be disqualified and may result in disciplinary action. Keep it brief. GRADES ARE AUTHORIZED TO REJECT ESSAYS THAT ARE MORE THAN SIX PAGES LONG. Answer ONE of the following questions in FOUR or FIVE PAGES A. Myth in Drama. Think about Euripides dramatization of the story of Dionysus. What are some significant results or effects of these devices? B. Myth into Poetry. Think about Apollonios revisions of myth in Argonautika. Explain which aspects of the myth the poet chose to emphasize (or add, or change), and suggest why he made these changes (what was the effect or effects of his revisions?).