Environmental Impact

Part A: Recommend an approach to integrate EIA and EMS

1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each tool: EIA and EMS.
2. Develop and recommend a model or approach for implementing an integrated EIA and EMS. Illustrate your model using a diagram followed by a narrative to explain the approach to integration.
3. Identify and explain the drivers or factors necessary for the successful implementation of your recommended model or approach.

Part B: Develop a course Integrated EIA-EMS for an infrastructure project

1. Using the model from Part A, develop a coarse (brief) integrated EIA and EMS for an infrastructure project.
2. The integrated EIA-EMS report must include the basic elements of EIA such as Screening, Scoping, Impact Analysis, Consultation and Mitigation, and all the relevant elements of ISO 14001.
3. Develop an activity-impact network model and use it to identify the direct and indirect impacts.
4. Include a brief explanation of the activity-impact relationship so that a member of the public who is totally uninformed on this particular issue will have a basic idea.