Enterprise architecture; •Management information systems

Referencing Styles : APA Define and explain the following terminologies: •KPI’s – why important? •Business intelligence (BI); •IT Agility; •SWOT analysis; •Strategic planning; •Enterprise architecture; •Management information systems; •DSS; •Cloud infrastructure; •Data and text mining; •DMS; •Big data. Question 2 [4 marks]:What is meant by the “Internet of Things” – what business value does it create? Explain your answer. Make sure to reference your sources. Question 3 – Explore … [8 marks]:Conduct a brief research to discuss and contrast between “4G and 5G” Networks. Your answer should be no more than 400 words, but need to be well structured and should contain 2-3 different sources correctly cited. Question 4 – Case Study … [6 marks]:Read the case study IT at Work 4.1 from your textbook chapter 4: (Hospital of the Future Built on Mobile Network Infrastructure), then answer the following questions: 1.What capabilities did RMH management envision for the hospital of the future? (1 mark) 2.Why was an adaptable network solution so critical to RMH? (1 mark) 3.What were the main components of the hospital’s network? (1 mark) 4.In your opinion, how do the hospital’s network-enabled capabilities influence quality of health care and health care costs? (3 marks)

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