Engineering ASSIGNMENT – VERTICAL ALIGNMENT AND SUPERELEVATION Objective: This assignment develops students’ ability to design horizontal and vertical alignments and cross sections for a given section of road. Students will work in pairs on this assignment but not with a student with whom you have worked on a previous assignment in this subject. A length of mountain road is being designed from point A through the intersection point B to point C. A 155m radius curve is to be designed with 60m transition curves to meet V70km/h design speed guidelines. Point A is at Ch 5000.000 and coordinates E12000, N700, B is at E12600, N900 and C E12700, N600 as shown on the attached plan at scale 1:2500. At point A the road RL is 39.20 with an existing grade of -0.8%. At point C the road RL is also 39.2 but on a rising grade of 1.0%. 1. Calculate the chainage of the TS, SC, CS, ST and point C and draw the alignment on the contour plan, marking and labelling all 100m chainages as well as the above points and the coordinates of the centre of the 155m radius circle. 2. Design the vertical alignment of the road for a design speed of 70km/h. Draw an appropriate scale longitudinal section showing Natural surface and design centreline each 100m from A to C with length of vertical curve and tabulate CL levels at 20m chainages from Ch5400.000 to Ch5800.000. 3. Design the superelevation development and draw the edge profiles (5.5m L & R) on the longitudinal section from Ch 5400 to Ch 5800 4. Draw 20m interval cross sections from 5400 to 5600 showing design and natural surface and plot the batter offsets on the alignment plan. 5. Your A4 size report must cover the items 1 to 4 clearly and concisely and be presented in a professional style with A3 drawings as a single PDF file. The VU Collaborate Tender Box for this assignment closes at 6.00 PM Monday 3 October 2016 and counts for 10% of the semester assessment. The use of road design software and spreadsheets are encouraged. The assignment must be submitted as PDF (A4 with an A3 drawing). Attachment:- MAP.pdf

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