encapsulation examples

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Good Evening, There are many encapsulation examples hidden in the bible as well as information. “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” (Hebrews 4:13) Many stories in the bible are told that include a sense of time, but do not describe the amount or one could say length of time that some of the stories tell. 

When Moses parted the Red Sea, how long did it take and how did he know that God would help him accomplish this task. It was very spectacular, but because of the nature of physics and question it brings, many tv shows use it as a comedy or way to battle in action films. A question I had was what if someone tripped into the Sea Wall, would they have been stuck by the force holding the water and fish? This is a form of encapsulation in the bible. 

Funny enough, there is another story of Moses in which encapsulation exists and that is the creation of the Torah. There is hidden information on how God spoke to him and since he does not go into detail, there is a lot of speculation. Was there by chance an extra testament made by Moses that God did not tell him? No one will ever know, and we are left to believe him if we want to go to eternal after life of peace. If we don’t, then we will end up in hell. Even some of the verses can be questionable to what information they left out in the story or are about to. 

Take some large stones in your hands and hide them in the mortar in the brick terrace which is at the entrance of Pharaoh’s palace in Tahpanhes, in the sight of some of the Jews.” (Jeremiah 43:9) How does he know what will happen, what encapsulations are they holding from the story. 

This is just three examples of many. The holy bible .. (1768). London: Printed by Mark Baskett … assigns of Robert Baskett.