Emily is showing signs of stress in the dental practice

Referencing Styles : APA Communicate and work effectively in health case study. Emily is showing signs of stress in the dental practice. She regularly works through lunch completing the sterilising as she wants the cycle to be completed before the afternoon session commences. She is eating her lunch between patients and not taking her allocated breaks as her dentist often runs late and there are no staff offering to cover for her at these times. She is short tempered and not very pleasant with the patients when they arrive at the practice. She is arriving to work without time to setup the practice and the dentist is starting to get annoyed with her tardiness. 1. What should be done to give Emily the designated breaks that she is entitled to have? 2. What can you suggest to her to relieve her signs of stress? 3. What should be said to the dentist in relation to Emily not getting her breaks as she often runs late? .

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