Elements of Computational Design

ARC6818 Elements of Computational Design I
Autumn 2018 • 15 Credits • M 10:00-13:00 (AT1012)
Module Leader: Tsung-Hsien Wang •
[email protected]
Final Project: Data Processing and Visualization
Due 18th January 2018, 17:00
Your final submission for ARC6818 Elements of Computational Design I is an individual project
that demonstrates your competence in using
coding for data visualization(s).
The ‘
clarity of communication and analysis’ and ‘critical thinking’ are most essential elements of this
work so it’s important to not only show the results of your coding experiments but also reflect on the
questions you’ve addressed and the visualization and coding techniques chosen. Assessment criteria
include (1) clarity and effectiveness of the code, (2) the reflection on your process, or (3) the quality of the
visualization(s). In the final assignment, you are asked to:
A. To choose a data source of personal interest from your own or the internet to prepare a
B. To formulate hypotheses that can be used as a basis for querying, restructuring and
understanding this dataset.
C. To develop a visualization method for exploring the dataset and for answering the initial
The final submission should include at least the following information:
Several images that describe the functionality of your visualization(s)
A text description that summarizes your intentions in this assignment, the questions
addressed, and the visualization(s) and coding methods used
Selections from the code that explain the techniques used in Python
Selections from the data that explain the data used in the assignment
The submission is on MOLE: I will open two Turnitin assignments where you can upload (1) your final
report in
PDF and (2) a zipped file of complete project files, e.g. Jupyter notebook and Datasets. (the
pdf/juptyter notebook/data
filenames must include your name).
Ben Schmidt – Sapping Attention blog – http://sappingattention.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/shipping-maps-and-how-statessee.html