efficiency, security, data integrity, backup.

1. A description of the AWC company’s (see Assignment 2 document) existing computer systems and a detailed analysis of the weaknesses in the existing IT systems from the point of view of operational cost, reliability, efficiency, security, data integrity, backup and recovery, etc. 2. A detailed description of the entire process of implementation (i.e. the methodology you will use) at AWC. This includes the transition phase from the old to the new system. Realistic timeframes must also be established and clearly stated. 3. A summary of the functional areas within AWC that may require significant Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and why this will be necessary. 4. Describe the facilities (tools and services) available in SAP Solution Manager and how these services will be used in the implementation project at AWC. 10 A summary of the 4 SAP Business Suites and how these suites will handle the requirements of current and future business operations at AWC. List them and explain which ones are needed or not needed and why. Particular attention must be given to AWC’s requirement to acquire the ability to conduct ecommerce, provide an adequate mobile infrastructure for salespersons, provide good Business Intelligence to managers and Directors, and engage with Social Media. 5. What other SAP or third-party software will also be needed to satisfy AWC’s future IT requirements? 6. A discussion and outline of plans for both the change management issues and training needs that will need to be addressed at AWC, and any other peoplerelated issues that you consider important to a successful implementation and operation of a new ERP system. 7. An explanation of how this ERP adoption is going to provide AWC with a competitive advantage over their rival companies. Outline why the company should see a significant Return on Investment (ROI) and give reasons for your argument.

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