effectively managing strategic change

Assignment Task 3

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Learning Outcome 3 of the module asks you to “Critically reflect on the leadership qualities for effectively managing strategic change with creativity and innovation in relation to professional development.”

To help you meet that Learning Outcome, we ask you in Task 3 to : Write a 1,000 word critical reflective personal and professional account, answering the following question: What skills and behaviours do I need to develop in order to creatively implement a programme of innovative change in a range of contemporary organisations?

The key aspects here the requirement for you to critically reflect on your leadership qualities in relation to a professional development plan. This is not simply a reflection on how you got on with the module and the academic topics of leading / managing, strategy, change, creativity and innovation.

We are asking you to plan to bridge the gaps that you identified in your existing skills, behaviours and understanding as you were working through the materials. We focus on Personal Development Planning, but because this is a professional module, we approach this planning from the viewpoint of you being in a leadership role, if not already, then certainly in the future.

We expect that the 1,000 word reflection will cover:

  1. Definition of Reflection
  2. Model of reflection used and a brief explanation as to how it supported your thoughts (not a detailed review of the components of the model);
  3. Define Leadership; assess your own MBTI leadership style and use a leadership model to describe how you would lead a team. This will impact upon your Audit in 5. below;
  4. a brief summary of your Learning Style and your reflection on the implications of this for your Leadership development. This will impact on your SMART objectives in 6. Below;
  5. Identify relevant Key Leadership Skills (from the content on AULA) and audit your current personal and professional Skills and Behaviours in order to identify the gap between current and required – this will be in the form of a table;
  6. Personal and Professional Development Plan – Identify 2 skills and or behaviours you want to develop. The focus will be on resolving gaps related to “creatively implementing a programme of innovative change” using SMART objectives. This plan will be in the form of a table;
  7. the last page is References – don’t forget to cite relevant information throughout. References do not add to the word count.