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Sample lesson plan

Lesson Plan Form

Course Education and Training

Tutor Name

Topic/content/skills Reflective practice

Time 14:00-14:15

Group profile

In this section, write how diverse are your students. For example, do they come form different ethnic backgrounds or cultures, education systems. Are there any special needs students in the group?

British Values/ Equality & Diversity/ Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education/ Personal and Social Development/ Employability

What British values do you intend to promote and how? Write clearly the activities you might arrange to promote the various values and employability.

Think of any one or two value/s and how you will assist learners develop these values while teaching your specific subject content.

Need for differentiation

On the basis of the group profile, think about how you might support them in their learning. For example, what resources you might plan, any special requirement that you will have to consider, any task that you will have to design differently keeping in mind the particular need of any of your learners.

English, mathematics, ICT opportunities

How will you promote literacy, numeracy and technological skills in your lessons?

Learning objectives

At the end of the session, the learners will be able to:

Understand the concept of reflective practice.

Understand Greenways’ model of reflective practice.

Write how you think reflective practice is useful for you.



Teaching and learning activities

Formative assessment


Key skills

1 min

Deriving from your experiences, think about what is reflective practice?

Discuss in pairs

Q&A, direct observation

Title written on PowerPoint slide

Speaking, listening and thinking

3 mins

Compare the meaning of reflective practice from two authors’ viewpoint

Teacher-led presentation introducing the learners to the topic

Q&A, whole-class discussion.

PowerPoint slides, handout of the presentation that will include space for note-taking.

Speaking, listening and critical thinking.

8 mins

Explain Greenway’s model – explain what each component of the model in some detail

Group work: Greenway’s model will be displayed on board and students will first discuss in groups what it involves based on their understanding of the terms in the model.

This will be followed by teacher-led presentation taking students’ understanding into the explanation.

Group discussion and Q&A to check for understanding.

Presentation slide, pens and paper.

Listening, speaking, interpersonal skills.

3 mins

Writing task: How do you think the reflective practice model is useful for you as future practitioners?

Recap of lesson objectives via short Q&A

Individual writing activity

Written outcomes from learners, Q&A

Written comment on an online platform

Evaluating and reflecting on their learning