EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY CSI6219 Principles of Project Management 2016 Assessment 2 Semester 2 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Submit one copy (the official submission must be made via Blackboard by the due date.) 2. The due date is midnight 15th October 2016 When do Governments use Agile? The Task You are to write an essay that explains the opposing arguments for and against the use of Agile as the principal and preferred project management methodology for IT projects within government. The history of project management has shown that whilst private industry has adapted strongly to Agile approaches, the opposite has occurred in government structures where sponsorship, ownership, and leadership is heavily anchored to traditional project methods. This essay should discuss the changes needed to shift high level IT thinking by government employees. Explain why government workers try and protect their jobs rather than the project. This assignment requires you to understand several critical aspects of Project Management 1. What are the key differences between Traditional Project Management and Agile Project Management? 2. What are the critical time path issues for Traditional Project Management in Government-driven large scale IT projects? 3. How do government employed / department employed IT Project people view the Private Sector? Is there an appetite to partner alongside industry people – or do Government IT workers prefer to work with their own kind? 4. When government IT projects become Public / Private Partnerships – is it an even distribution of work between the public sector and the private sector? 5. What works best … Public Sector (Govt) Project Management control … or Private Sector (Industry) Agile Project Management. 6. Can Public and Private elements work together in a harmonious manner? – or do they simply tolerate each other? The essay should also address the risks of collaborative large scale ventures. Are there any recent examples of outstanding ICT project success that has incorporated Agile IT Project Management across both private and public interests? Your essay must explain how to deal with the challenges of Agile Culture, differences in Remuneration, and Risk Control / Risk Ownership. Consider: Many large scale projects (those over $25 Million) are subject to a thick layer of traditional project management because they are required to show accurate scope, time and budgetary elements that will satisfy government boards, bureaucrats, taxpayers, and a complex range of highly varied stakeholders. At the same time much of the IT Project Management industry has moved to embrace the Agile Project Method, citing its rapid development strategies and its flexible, iterative and non-hierarchical systems as highly favourable in terms of time and cost efficiencies. Whilst Traditional Project Management establishes the full scope up front, Agile Management allows simply enough design up front to establish general scoping. The agile project often ends up with highly effective products, but that sometimes differ from their original formative ideas. What is scoped at the beginning may not be the product that is delivered at the end. The traditional project retains a much firmer grip on the scope, in order to ensure funding and support. The challenge, therefore – is to establish how Government projects (including public / private projects) can fully embrace the Agile method, and satisfy its own regulatory mechanisms. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. The submission should be single-spaced in Times New Roman font size 12. 2. The assignment should be no longer than 6000 words (not including end references and diagrams) 3. Expectations: • You will have read and correctly referenced all sources used. This must include the textbook and at least thirty (30) additional academic sources (in addition to any provided at the end of the questions). • Provide a logical argument to address each section. This requires interpretation and analysis of the issues and appropriate integration of information from the references to support your views. Therefore, your answers must be more than just a summary of sources that you have consulted. REFERENCING: All sources of information must be cited (in text reference) and included in a Reference list (end text reference) as discussed in the guest lecture on assignment writing. For details about referencing and the required format, please refer to the ECU Referencing Guide, which can be found from the following URL: http://www.ecu.edu.au/centres/library-services/workshops-and-training/referencing PURPOSE OF THIS ASSIGNMENT: The purpose of this assignment is to consolidate and test your learning of the unit material. To do this you will need to review the lecture material as set out in Blackboard and the relevant Text book chapters and consult with PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition). LEARNING OUTCOMES: The specific student learning outcomes related to this assignment are to: 1. Understand how to implement project management under high risk conditions 2. Manage and control issues associated with complex information systems projects; 3. Discuss organisational and team dynamics and issues within substantial information systems projects. 4. Differentiate between key Agile and Traditional Project variances. FORMAT OF THE ESSAY o This is a research essay o Must include an abstract o Must include Keywords o Must include an introduction o Reference List must follow APA standard MARKING GUIDELINES: This assessment is worth 30% of the total marks for this unit. • See the separate marking guide for further details. • Please make absolutely sure that there is no plagiarism. If student incorporates material taken from an online source without proper referencing – THAT STUDENT WILL BE PENALISED. • It is strongly recommended that students submit to Turnitin (or some other reference / plagiarism checker) before submission for marking. What does a Research Essay look like? If you are unsure of the correct layout for a research essay – please go to the sample posted on blackboard in the assessments section titled “Research Essay Sample”. And then download the paper. This will give you the correct layout, style, and structure for a research essay. (Note – The paper is not useful in terms of content – it is written to a different discipline within ICT)

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