Early settler colonial encounters

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1. Early settler colonial encounters with the British Empire continue to shape public policy in relation to Australia’s First Nations population. Discuss with reference to public policy making and the racial contract.
2. Critically analyse the outcome of the Brazilian 2022 Presidential election with reference to one of the following explored in this unit: conservatism, social movements, or elections and electioneering.
3. Are parliamentary systems more stable than presidential systems? Discuss with reference to the executive and the recent history of leadership spills in Australia or the UK.
4. There are multiple ways of defining non-democratic sta.. Critically evaluate the arguments for the V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) definitions and Professor John Keane’s discussion of despotism and make a case for which is most useful for understanding non-democracies using one of the following courthies: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Russia, Azerbaijan or Egypt.
5. How does media concentration impact confidence in democracy? Discuss in relation to potential media bias and misinformation in Australia.
6. The British, New Zealand and Australian parliaments are all ‘Westminster’ parliaments. What are some of the differences between them? Which best serves the functions of legislatures and why?
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