Referencing Styles : Harvard Marketing Report – Individual assessment Please check the uploaded files, Which include more details about the assignment. And ‘ Domino’s Pizza Enterprises’ is my choice for the list of companies. Word limit/page limit 1800 words/ 6 pages (+/- 10%), plus references (Students are required to use the LTU Harvard Referencing style) Grading criteria: Assignment specific grading criteria in the Subject Learning Guide APPROACHING THE INDIVIDUAL REPORT Marketing Plan-Individual Written Report Approaching the task: What do you need to do? Look at the task words Evaluate the external and internal environment in which the business concept (or new product) is to be realised Define strategies appropriate to its realisation. The business concept relates to a new product relevant to the case which forms the overarching focus of the learning activities of this section of the subject. Briefly analyse the external and internal environments (SWOT) Identify a relevant strength, opportunity Identify and describe a target market Develop a suitable new product for the company to introduce for this target market.

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