Do leaders and the project team work well together? 3) Is

Change Readiness Assessment  How to Use the Checklist: 1) Answer each question for column A by ticking the status (yes, somewhat, no). 2) If the tick in (A) is in the ‘somewhat’ or ‘no’ box, move onto column B. 3) In column B note any comments or questions you may have. A B Status Comments Yes Somewhat No A. LEADERS 1) Do leaders understand the drivers and vision for the project? 2) Do leaders and the project team work well together? 3) Is there a communication plan for leaders to deliver? 4) Is this project co-ordinated with all other initiatives/projects etc? 5) Can leaders describe the change process? 6) Will the organisation culture support the changes? 7) Are leaders demonstrating the necessary commitment to the project, i.e. walking the talk? 8) Are leaders’ concerns being identified and addressed? B. INFRASTRUCTURE 1) Have the key business drivers for the project been identified? 2) Have all of the impacts on the organisation been identified and considered/addressed? Change Readiness Assessment  A B Status Comments Yes Somewhat No 3) Is the communication plan reaching target audiences? 4) Can current HR processes handle impacts when required? 5) Is there a training and education plan? 6) Have we developed performance indicators to reflect/suggest new ways of doing business? C. INDIVIDUALS 1) Do employees have an opportunity to give input? 2)Are we getting enough employee buy-in at all levels? 3)Are people getting all the support/information they need in a timely way? D.TEAMS 1) Are team members enthusiastic and achieving their personal goals? 2) Are we celebrating milestones/wins? 3) Are Change Management tasks integrated into the Project work plan?

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