Diverse Perspectives on the World Economy

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Assignment details Diverse Perspectives on the World Economy (2210)
Learning Outcomes
The targeted Course Learning Outcomes for this assessment are:
• CL01: Analyse what is meant by economic pluralism and how different approaches to studying the real-world economy evolve out of diverse world views, values, practices and behavioural standards • CL02: Examine economics as a scientific discipline and the role of economics in society • CL03: Evaluate differences in world views, assumptions, methods of analysis and views of human nature taken by the various schools of economic thought • CL04: Analyse the impact of diverse perspectives on pathways to achieving sustainable development goals • CL05: Critically examine the contending perspectives of the schools of thought to challenges faced by society such as globalisation, digital transformation and rapid technological change
Assessment Criteria
This assessment will measure:
• Reflections and concept maps weeks were posted consistently in the graded discussion board on a weekly basis • Depth of reflection. A specific element of
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