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111 Kevin Chiang ! Assessment 1 Discussion activity Question “How may scope creep affect project deliverables qualityrand hOW Should a project manager communicate and validate those variances to project’ stakeholders? Illustrate some hypothetical examples from the given case study to support your discussion.” Your discussion should include an example of hots this might happen, and . impact on the assigned case study.
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Output Provide an initial discussion of approximately 500 words by 11:55pm AEDT Sunday 19th June 2022. Respond with approximately 250 words for each feedback/comment teasiest one fellow student’s main discussion post by 11:55prn AEDT Sunday 26th June 2022. (Total 750 words for Assessment 1). Needs to be specific rather than generic.
Note:Your answers should be posted as a reply (not word/pdf) to this post or the student you are responding to.
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