Discuss the advantages and limitations of ethnography over observation.

Referencing Styles : Harvard Writing an Annotated bibliography topic is Discuss the advantages and limitations of ethnography over observation. Introduction 200-250 Article1 entry 200-250 Article2 entry 200-250 Article3 entry 200-250 Conclusion 200-250 Harvard style (include full reference) each reference has to high light the substance that use for writing article1,2,and3 All structure include in file attach Deadline on Saturday 11/04/2015 Australia time zoneThis assessment involves producing an annotated bibliography of three journal articles that help to answer a given essay question. The annotation entry for each article must include a summary, an evaluation, and a reflection on how the article relates to the essay question. Allocation of Essay Topics The subject co-ordinator will prepare a list of potential essay questions and tutors will randomly allocate a question to each student during the Week 3 tutorials. Students who are absent in Week 3 should contact the subject co-ordinator as soon as possible to receive their allocation. Selection of Journal Articles Students are required to identify three journal articles that clearly and directly relate to their essay question. Selecting articles that have only indirect or minor relevance is problematic. All articles should be from peer reviewed marketing and/or business research methods journals. Writing an Annotation Entry The annotated bibliography entry for each article should include the full reference (in Harvard style) followed by an explanatory paragraph. The word count for each entry (reference and paragraph) is 250 words maximum. The explanatory paragraph must include three parts: x A summary of the author(s) main ideas or arguments and context, x An evaluation of the source’s usefulness, credibility, objectivity, and/or bias, and x A reflection on how the article relates to, and helps to answer, your essay question. The QUT ‘Writing an annotated bibliography’ guide (available on Moodle) elaborates on addressing each part of an annotation entry. .

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