directory is input from the command line

Module 3 Create a Perl script to perform the following: . Print the numbeof files in a given directory, where the directory is input from the command line. Make sure the directory exists before continuing with the task Create a new directory called myDir in the home directory. List the files in the home directory to see if the directory has been created. Remove the directory you just created. List the files in the directory again to see if it has been removed. For a directory name, where the name of the directory is given by the user, print all the file names within this directory that are text files. . 10. Write a script to conduct a short interview. Read the interview questions from an input file questions. txt. Get the response to each question from the user, and write the responses to an output file, responses.txt. Here are some sample questions that you can copy into the input file, questions.txt: What is your name? . In what city do you live? .What is one of your hobbies? . What is your favorite programming language? Here are some guidelines for writing your seript. .Create a text file named questions.txt that contains your interview questions. There should be one question per line. .Your seript should be able to open the questions. txt file, read each line and print it to the screen, get the user’s response to each question. Write the question on one line and the user’s response on the next line to the responses. txt output file. Make sure that each response occurs on its own line in the output file