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CUA50715 Diploma of Graphic Design

CUAGRD503 Produce typographic solutions

Assessment 2

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This assessment has been designed to allow you to provide partial evidence of your competence in the unit CUAGRD503 Produce typographic solutions.

Note: you will need to complete additional assessments as you progress through your course to demonstrate competence for all aspects of the unit.

In completing your final assessments, you will show evidence of your ability to:

research type as visual communication

analyse design needs

develop ideas for typographic solutions

manipulate and integrate type

integrate type within the overall design

evaluate typographic solutions


In this assessment you will be exploring hand-drawn or manual typography.

A monogram, or letter-mark, is a design consisting of one or more letters, usually the initials of a name, used to identify a company, publication, person, object or idea.

Design Brief

Using the two or three initials of your first, middle and last names create a type-based monogram that could be used in your own graphic design business.


In your visual diary write 5 words to indicate the tone and feeling you would like your design to portray. Still working in your visual diary document your research on 4 hand drawn fonts.


Using a variety of mediums you are now going to do some research and exploration. Using at least 4 different mediums (ink, pencil, paint) develop a series of 6 monograms. Think about exploring and re-creating serif, sans-serif and script fonts.

See which work best in a monogram that will visually describe who you are.

Document your exploratory process from beginning to end in your visual diary in the form of rough sketches and notes. This is an explorative exercise so play with a variety of tools and mediums to discover the variety of marks you can make.


Now that you are going to digitise your monogram you must use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign to do this. Research some of the key features and advanced techniques you can do with this type in both pieces of software and give a brief explanation in your visual diary. Also explain why you have selected to develop your monogram in one piece of software over another. (Max 100 words)

Choose a personal monogram design that you believe is effective and using your selected software (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign) digitise your design and integrate it with a visual component.

A monogram can often contain a visual component such as a leaf coming off the tail of a letter, or it can be encased in a shape, consider adding a visual element that will add to and not detract from your monogram.

Save your files appropriately.


Using the Evaluation Form for Assessment 2 evaluate your final design.

Items to submit as evidence for this assessment:

1. Visual Diary – 5 word description of tone and feeling & documentation of exploration of 4 hand-drawn fonts

2. Summary of advanced software features (visual diary) and final digitised personal monogram design with visual component

3. Evaluation form