difference between a Research Paper and a Literary Analysis


The difference between a Research Paper and a Literary Analysis:

In writing a Literary Research Paper, one researches an aspect of a text, and writes a paper about that aspect based on research.

In A Literary Analysis, one analyzes the text using literary references and terms. An analysis relies on a subjective interpretation of literary symbols, motifs, metaphors, themes, etc. Rather than seeking outside sources for support of the writer’s interpretation, the text itself will be the only source used as support.

Ex. Topics
• I will write a paper about one character in MAUS, analyzing the choices Speigelan made in creating/presenting this character.
• I will compare two or more characters, and the affects their similarity/differences have on the theme/tone/plot of the text.
• I will write about plot devices; how suspense is built, chronology of events and how that affects the reader’s experience.
• I will write about the point of view the characters display and discuss some aspect such as tone/plot.
• I will write about the theme; the major idea of Maus, and analyze the way Spiegelman highlighted its importance.