diegesis elaborated in ‘Magic for Beginners

Short Answer Questions (4 marks each except where indicated)

Relating only to texts studied in ENGL 120 at the University of Wollongong

20 marks total.


  1. In what way is close reading an ethical and aesthetic practice (up to 300 words)


  1. How is diegesis elaborated in ‘Magic for Beginners’? Closely reference the story with examples to make your case. (up to 300 words)


  1. How is kinship represented in The Drover’s Wife? (up to 300 words)



  1. What does the protagonist The Drover’s Wife realise at the end of the text? Who reveals it to her? What is the significance of this revelation for her identity? (up to 300 words)



  1. How is Miss Ivors represented within The Dead? (400 words)