developmental disability

Describe the differences in services that you can provide for parents with a child diagnosed with a developmental disability. What kinds of recommendations can you suggest for the parents? Compare and contrast the different views/issues of mothers and fathers as well as the differences in regards to the age of the child with a disability. Consider the possible implications having a child with a disability may have on parent relations an/or marriage. Lastly, discuss the possibility of parents and their identification with having a child with a disability and the impact this may have on their well-being (Does this define them? Have they lost their own identity?) Please read the following articles for background knowledge:
Hastings, R.P., Kovshoff, H., Brown, T., Wards, N.J., Espinosa, F.D., & Remington, B. (2005). Coping strategies in mothers and fathers of preschool and school-age children with autism. Autism, 9, 377-391.