developing your argument

Your essay should be about 2000 words (plus minus 5% – must include total word count in your footnote), in paragraphs and consist of the following: Introduction (100 words) 1.   Make a general statement about the topic 2.   Provide background information 3.   State the position you will argue for—your thesis statement 4.   Mention the points you will cover in your essay (scope of your essay)
Body – developing your argument (1800 words) 1.   Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence 2.   Develop each main idea by making e.g. comparisons and contrasts, using referenced explanations, examples, definitions etc. 3. Apply relevant theories/frameworks from the course 4. Discuss the roles and functions of management 5.   Conclude by summarizing or linking to ideas being discussed in the next paragraph
Conclusion (100 words) 1.   Restate your position/thesis statement 2.   Sum up the main points made in each paragraph 3.   Finish with a strong statement about the wider context You are required to consult and fully reference at least 2 different articles from PeerReviewed Scholarly Journals. Marks will be deducted if you do not provide 2 different articles from Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals. You must reference Text Book available from library