Developing a Critical Mindset

Developing a
Critical Mindset –
The Critical Thinking Checklist
Critical Reading –
Critical thinking starts with the
research and your approach to
reading. This involves questioning
the research. Use these questions
below to help you.
Critical Thinking –
Your personal judgements
and opinions are essential for
developing a critical mindset.
When considering your research
always think about your point of
view, using the questions below

Who has conducted the research?
Is it the author or are they citing
other researchers/authors?
What is the aim of the research?
What is the main line of reasoning
in the text?
What are the important facts
being considered?
What are the key arguments
being presented?
How does the evidence support
the author’s conclusions?
How does the author use the
evidence to support their
conclusions and/or line argument?
Are there any omissions, gaps
or inconsistencies in the evidence?

to help you.

What do you think?
Do you agree with what the evidence
presented in the research? If not why?
Why do you think this?
How do you know this?


Developing a Critical Mindset – The Critical Thinking Checklist 2

STEP 3 Critical and Analytical Writing –
Assignment CHECK LIST
When writing your assignment work, reread and review it frequently. If you cannot
answer yes to any of the below questions your work may be missing evidence of
critical thinking. Refer to this checklist to help you.

Y / N
Are you clear what your
conclusions are?
Y / N
Is there a clear line of
reasoning throughout
your written work –
from introduction to
the conclusions?
Y / N
Is the signifcance of the
evidence identifed and
made clear to the reader?
Y / N
Have strengths and
weaknesses of the
evidence been evaluated?
Y / N
Is the signifcance of
the details presented


Y / N
Have you linked relevant
information together
through summaries
and linking paragraphs?
Y / N
Is it shown why
something is relevant?
Y / N
Have you read your own
written work critically, as
steps 1 and 2 above?
Y / N
Have you made
reasoned judgements?
Y / N
Are your conclusions
supported by the evidence


Developing a Critical Mindset – The Critical Thinking Checklist 3